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Product returns can be completed In between 10 days from day of you received the product in case of the customer is not satisfied with the product/order. Returning affirmation can be done when:

  • The product be returned to us, included the receipt.
  • The product is in the same condition as you got it- not damaged. If any damage will be noticed or deterioration, the procedure of returning and refund CANNOT be done.

Returns are taking place via the transportation company, and the courier fees are being charged to our company KOURTINA PORTAS.

Until the time the product will come back to us, it is under your responsibility, so it is important to make sure that the package of the product will be safe in order to avoid any damage while is getting transported.

In case you want to change your product, the procedure that you follow is: Your money will be back to your bank account or credit card (depends on the way you paid) and when you see your money back, you can start a procedure of a new order from our e-shop.

In case that the product has been delivered to you with any damage, please contact us immediately +306948502141. It is not our responsibility, you should contact the delivery company, and so they will undertake and take over.

We inform you that our company “KOURTINA PORTAS” does not take any responsibility if the product gets stolen or damaged on the way back to us.

To avoid any inconvenience, it would be better if you check carefully when you receive the product, the condition and also the package if it is damaged to be immediately perceived.

In any case, we would be grateful if you contact us to our phone or email in order to provide us the reasons you want to return back the product and the order number as well.

As soon as we receive the returning product, it will start the refund procedure. This will be analogue equally with the way you had chosen to pay. So, the amount of your money will be sent back depending on the payment method you have chosen.

  • Cash on Delivery: Bank deposit in between 15-30 working days to a bank account of yours.
  • Credit Card: Charge cancellation from your Credit Card (The amount will be returned back to your card).